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Echo Base #43: A New Era

Erik January 8, 2016

The new era of Star Wars begins! We start the new year by addressing a listener question, looking at the box office numbers so far, and reflecting on the resounding success of The Force Awakens, as well as taking a look forward to Rogue One. Come celebrate this new era with us at Echo Base! Full Report

Echo Base #42: And So It Begins!

Erik December 24, 2015

Welcome to the new era of Star Wars! In the first of what are to be many discussions of The Force Awakens, we dive into what at least one of our hosts thinks may be his favorite film of the whole saga! Full Report

Echo Base #41: Last Moments Before the New Era

Erik December 10, 2015

Next week we're entering a new era. In 1983, the cinematic Star Wars story ended. Yes, the prequels brought a new beginning, but the end of the story remained. We're about to enter an era with no defined ending. But in these last moments of the current era, we look back upon our most memorable moments leading up to now as we reflect back upon the past year. Full Report

Echo Base #40: Confront Your Fear

Erik December 9, 2015

As excited as we are about The Force Awakens, many of us have some anxiety. Even Daisy Ridley recently talked about her "overwhelming fear." This week we look at some of the concerns people have about the film, ranging from its director to its box office performance to its reception by the press. Full Report

Echo Base #39: Counting Down

Erik November 27, 2015

We're less than a month from The Force Awakens! How are you counting down the days? From rewatching as much as possible to avoiding old content entirely, we talk about how we're approaching this generation's biggest Star Wars milestone! Full Report

Echo Base #38: Those Darn Sneaky Jedi

Erik November 8, 2015

With The Force Awakens coming in just a few weeks, many fans are getting their costumes ready for the premiere. But here in the U.S., many major theater chains are restricting cosplay options. Are these justified? Do they go too far? How will they affect your cosplay plans? Full Report

Echo Base #37: Too Soon to Call It?

Erik October 25, 2015

It may be too soon to say The Force Awakens is the best Star Wars</i> movie ever, but this new trailer certainly makes it easy to jump to that conclusion! Join us this week as we do a frame-by-frame analysis of the final trailer here at Echo Base! Full Report

Echo Base #36: Anthony Ingruber Gets Our Vote!

Erik October 16, 2015

If you haven't seen Anthony Ingruber doing Han Solo, head to YouTube and check it out right now, and you'll see why he has our vote to play a young Han Solo in the future. Then head back and listen to Kyle, Lou, and Chris talk to Anthony about his work in Age of Adeline and his thoughts about the possibility of playing a young Han or Indiana Jones in the future!

As a bonus, we're including a "lost" episode of Echo Base in which Erik, Lou, and Chris talk about three of the best new Star Wars product releases the Sphero BB-8, Air Hogs' Millennium Falcon Quad, and Disney Infinity 3.0! We also talk briefly about the recent theme park news. Don't miss this jam-packed episode of Echo Base! Full Report



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