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Scarlet Velocity #214: Escape From Earth-2

Jay February 20, 2016

Barry and his friends are running out of time to "Escape from Earth-2"! And now that Barry is imprisoned by Zoom, they need the help of Earth-2 Barry Allen to track down Killer Frost... Full Report

Agent Carter #206-207: Life Of The Party & Monsters

Jay February 19, 2016

Whitney Frost is meeting with the Council of Nine and proves that she is the "Life of the Party" when she absorbs most of the council and her husband to take control. Full Report

Green Justice #413: Sins of the Father

Jay February 14, 2016

Being a vigilante means that you sometimes have to face the "Sins of the Father" and Thea's father Malcolm has a long list of sins. Full Report

Scarlet Velocity #213: Welcome to Earth-2

Jay February 13, 2016

"Welcome to Earth 2"! Such a warm welcome for our heroes as they travel through a breach to that, now infamous, alternate reality to finally put a stop to Zoom and save Harrison Wells' daughter Jesse. Full Report

Agent Carter #205: The Atomic Job

Jay February 12, 2016

Has one of your friends ever asked you to help them with "The Atomic Job"? If so, you may want to say no. Full Report

Green Justice #412: Unchained

Jay February 7, 2016

When you're feeling a little restricted by the world, you need to get yourself "Unchained". Roy Harper is back in Star City. But unfortunately, he's being controlled by a cyber-terrorist known as The Calculator. Full Report

Scarlet Velocity #212: The Fast Lane

Jay February 6, 2016

When you're running in the "Fast Lane" eventually you're going to crash. That's what Iris keeps telling Wally about his street racing. Full Report

Agent Carter #204: Smoke and Mirrors

Jay February 5, 2016

If you're interested in fooling someone, it's nice to have a little "Smoke and Mirrors". Agnus Culley has been fooling people for years under the name Whitney Frost... Full Report

Outer Rim #32: Not a Remake

Erik February 2, 2016

Mad Max: Fury Road was considered by most (if not by Erik) a phenomenal sequel, even though there many years between it and the prior films. Can Blade Runner 2 meet with the same success? And can the upcoming Labyrinth movie overcome both that hurdle and the loss of its iconic villain? Join us as we look at these films, Arnold's new television takeover, the FCC's new proposal for cable boxes, and much more! Full Report

Green Justice #411: A.W.O.L.

Jay January 31, 2016

Don't you dare go "A.W.O.L." this week, or you'll miss the Arrow team taking on Shadowspire, an evil organization that has come to Star City for mysterious purposes. Full Report

Scarlet Velocity #211: The Reverse-Flash Returns

Jay January 30, 2016

Hide your tachyons when "The Reverse Flash Returns". Despite all logic, Eobard Thawne is back in Central City. Full Report



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