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Agent Carter #206-207: Life Of The Party & Monsters

Posted by Jay on February 19, 2016 at 05:31 AM CST

Whitney Frost is meeting with the Council of Nine and proves that she is the "Life of the Party" when she absorbs most of the council and her husband to take control. Now she's after the atomic material that Peggy Carter snatched from her grasp. Peggy, suffering from her run in with Whitney at Roxxon, decides to use Russian super baddie Dottie Underwood to get a sample of Zero Matter from Whitney. That plan goes horribly awry when Dottie is captured by some "Monsters", including powerful Council lackey Vernon Masters. He tries to break Dottie, but only Whitney can do that. So she sets a trap for Peggy while she goes to the Stark house to get what she wants and confront the newly solidifying Dr. Wilkes. And unfortunately, Anna Jarvis gets in the way. Jay and Josh try to remember Barbara Stanwick's measurements on this week's "radioactive" episode of Agent Carter: Case Files. Download now, to decrypt the coded telegram directly to your phonograph!

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