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Agent Carter #208-209: The Edge Of Mystery & A Little Song And Dance
Posted by Jay on February 26, 2016 at 06:59 AM CST:

Peggy Carter and her friends are teetering on "The Edge of Mystery" while trying to stop Whitney Frost, save Dr. Wilkes, and avoiding the long arm of Vernon Masters. A trade of uranium rods for Dr. Wilkes goes bad, and Peggy has to decide whose side Wilkes is on. Plus, Frost gets what she wants anyway, and sets off the bomb to acquire more Zero Matter. Luckily Howard Stark has provided a weapon that may stop her. That's when they have to perform "A Little Song and Dance" to fool Frost, Masters, Thompson, Sousa, and just about everyone else. Who is on whose side? And can Peggy stop Whitney before she's lost her friend forever and there's another explosion? Jay and Josh grab their top hats and canes for their famous number on this week's episode of Agent Carter: Case Files. Download now, to decrypt the coded telegram directly to your phonograph!

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