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Daniel Logan and The ForceCast at C2E2 Photo Gallery

Posted by xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx on April 23, 2010 at 02:20 PM CST


Hey Jason and Jimmy. Just wanted to send along a few photos I took at C2E2. I was the guy with the seven year old son named Dylan. Jimmy showed us pics of his son Dylan, while Daniel Logan ran around play fighting and throwing beach balls at mine! All I have to say is that moment, along with the other two or three times Daniel and Dylan played together, was a huge highlight of the show for me, my wife and son! Daniel is such a cool guy and deserves a lot of credit for treating fans to such a good time. Telling my son to go back to school and tell all his friends that he beat up Boba Fett is going to be some of my sons first Star Wars memories. I mean, he's seen the movies and the shows but he will always remember seeing the 501st legion Vader, Jango, Boba, all the troopers and his time playing with Daniel at C2E2, his first con. Let me tell you, the whole thing was surreal for me.

He did go to school and tell the class about it and no one believed him including his teacher. So we printed photos and sent them with him the following day. Now he's the coolest dude in first grade!

Anyway, I was looking for you guys all over the place and I'm glad I got to meet you briefly. Grant Gould said "They were just here and went that way." Then someone told me "We saw them over there". At the end of the day I was getting bummed and my wife said, "There's Steve Sansweet". I told him I hear him all the time on the Forcecast and he said "Well here's Jimmy right here!" Totally made my day! I was trying to hang around until you were done interviewing Daniel, but they kicked us out. Maybe we'll meet again in Florida. WE ARE SO THERE!

One more thing. I was at C3 and the costuming at C2E2 seemed pretty weak to me compared to that. Maybe because it is a new convention, I don't know. I'm lucky I got quite a few good shots of people though. I collect photos sort of like Jimmy collects Star Wars video and audio stuff. But what I wanted to say without seeming cheesy, is that I am so thankful the 501st was at this show! They totally made it for me and my family. The first person I saw when we walked in was Jango with a Stormie. I can't wait for C5!!!

Well, as I lingered I snapped a few shots of you guys interviewing Dan since Carrie was being so shy. The reason she hides in tents is because of camera happy fanboys like me! Feel free to develop these, post them and/or keep them if you want. We're all family!

I love the show and listen to every one of them! Don't ever stop!

Your new friend and paparazzi stalker,
Adam, a.k.a. xaoskron in the chat

Here are my pics of the show if you'd like to check them out. I added them to my collection site for friends and family to see. I posted one or two of you guys, hope you don't mind. I mean, you are just as big of Star Wars celebrities as the rest of 'em!

Take care guys

Adam Kronewitter








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