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Listener Mailbag: March 12, 2012

Posted by Eric on March 12, 2012 at 01:02 PM CST

This week in the mailbag: feedback on The Clone Wars episodes Massacre and Brothers, a heads-up about a film tweak in the Star Wars Blu-ray set, and more proof that Dave Filoni loves The ForceCast!


Thoughts on The Clone Wars Episode Massacre

To The ForceCast,

To me, the episode Massacre is one of the best episodes of all of Season 4 and the series in general. It went so much into Ventress' character, not only concerning her ferocity to defeat the droids attacking her brethren, but also her vulnerability. The ending scene between Asajj Ventress and Mother Talzin, where Ventress begged Talzin to tell her what to do from then on, demonstrated that so well that it brought me to tears. Also, for the first time in the Clone Wars, Dave Filoni and the crew took the animation to the top, especially with the dark and disturbing scenes of the army of the dead. Their glowing green eyes and their screeching voices were so life-like and scary that it made me cringe while I watched them. The sequences where Mother Talzin tortured Dooku were very freaky. Besides Ventress, Dooku in my opinion was very important in this episode, due to character development as well. We were shown that he is not all powerful and strong physically and mentally, but also is vulnerable like Ventress. With the help of special effects, the battles between the Nightsisters and the droids were phenomenal, Grievous for the first time looked truly lethal, and the environment was just great.

Ventress' future is very undecided for me. I wonder what will happen to her, whether she will die alone or survive far away from the war. As Mother Talzin said, "Your destiny will always be linked with ours." I am wondering if she will later on rekindle the fire of the Nightsisters and rebuild their fold in the Galaxy.

I hope to hear more from you guys. Your ForceCast Roundtables are great.

Abraham Chen


Maul Goes Into Surgery

Hey guys, long time listener. Just thought I would send you an ominous picture of Maul on the cutting table getting his new legs.

Thanks for all the great podcasts!



Feedback about The Clone Wars episode Brothers

Ok guys, I can't wait until you post the Roundtable so you can explain the last 22 minutes of my life. Actually, I'll give it a shot myself (and have a bit of fun at the same time):

1. Savage is walking, occasionally gazing at his magic locket (I bet it has a picture of Wicket inside).
2. Asajj is hanging with Pippi Longstocking (but I thought Asajj wasn't going to hang with them anymore).
3. Savage is walking, occasionally gazing at his magic locket (which seems to only work sporadically).
4. Anakin and Ahsoka make a cameo on their own show.
5. Savage is walking, occasionally gazing at his magic locket.
6. Dooku realizes he has another mess to clean up (give the guy a mop already) –– Grievous, that is. That was one serious phlegm-wad he hacked up in there.
7. Savage is flying, occasionally gazing at his magic locket.
8. We are transported to a trash planet that reminds me of The Force Unleashed, complete with trash monsters.
9. Savage is walking, occasionally gazing at his magic locket.
10. Savage meets the devil in snake form.
11. Savage is walking, occasionally gazing at his magic locket, briefly stopping to swat around some cyborg Jawas.
12. We finally meet Darth Shelob. Maul's a looney-freak. I had prepared myself for cyborg legs, and even the possibility of several legs, but did he really need a spider-butt? And there was no explanation of how he arrived at such weirdness.
13. Savage is jogging a little.
14. Savage has a rational conversation with himself while Sam Witwer goes ape-crazy and then delivers one coherent line (hey, TPM flashback!).
15. Yoda and Obi-Wan sense Darth Maul (or Savage –– I forget) a billion lightyears away, but they can't sense Darth Sidious stepping on their Jedi robes.

This wasn't intended to be harsh, but to poke a little fun at an episode that REALLY felt like filler-material and was sort of a letdown. Mostly it was Savage walking around.

Hopefully next week's finale can bring back the greatness that stunned us all back in the first couple of seasons.

Cheers and MTFBWYA!

Andy "Chewbubba" Lindemann


More thoughts on Brothers

Hey Jason and Jimmy! ForceCast listener Zack Burkett from College Park, MD here! I just wanted to share some thoughts on the latest episode of The Clone Wars, Brothers. From the first seconds of this episode, I knew we were in for a real treat. The red Star Wars: The Clone Wars logo at the onset of the episode told me that this was going to be a big deal. As if to add to the gravity of this episode before it even began, Tom Kane's opening narration sounded decidedly grave and solemn as he recounted Savage Oppress' journey thus far. As a huge Darth Maul fan, this is an episode I've been looking forward to for a long time. But aside from the obvious, there was a lot to like about Brothers. It did leave me with me with several questions, however (which maybe you could shed some light on): Why was Savage choking a woman in a restaurant? Why was Savage on Coruscant in the first place, much less in a restaurant? And what was the deal with the dust that he kept wiping from crates and referring to it as a "clue"? This is one thing that I seriously did not understand. Is there something that I missed?

Something I liked about this episode was Ahsoka's interaction with Anakin at the restaurant. Interestingly, she called him by his first name (perhaps for the first time in the series?) showing how close their relationship has become and how she, too, has begun to stray from the conventional Jedi ways. This scene ended with a brilliant use of John Williams' Force/Binary Sunset theme. I absolutely love when they use music from the films in The Clone Wars and I'm really hoping that they bring back the Duel of the Fates theme for Darth Maul's bigger moments in the season finale, Revenge. That would just be amazing. Another note about the restaurant scene: there was a group of Parwans in the background and among them was Derrown from the Rako Hardeen arc, revealing that he survived after being shot on Naboo and perhaps we'll be seeing more of his character.

Another aspect that interested me was Ventress. I honestly thought that we wouldn't be seeing her again after Bounty and that the story would shift entirely to focus on Savage and Maul. I was glad that The Clone Wars writers have made an effort to keep her involved in the story by giving her that brief scene in the beginning! Even more, we also got to see Latts Razzi once again. I absolutely loved Bounty and was delighted to see these characters making a return, effectively uniting what I initially thought would be more of a "stand-alone" with the rest of the arc.
And now for the obvious highlight of the episode - Maul. I really enjoyed the junk planet on which Maul was hiding - it reminded me a bit of the Terminator movies. The animation on this planet was spectacular - the fire, the storm and wind effects, the acid rain. This was a truly unique location unlike anything we've seen before on The Clone Wars. Sam Witwer's execution of Maul was amazing and it sounded almost nothing like Maul in The Phantom Menace. Although, after what Maul has been through, it makes sense that he would be very different now.

I thought Maul and Savage's characters played off of each other perfectly, although whenever Savage spoke I could not help but hear Mr. Krabs (Clancy Brown plays the character in SpongeBob Squarepants). Pay attention closely when Savage speaks and it will be obvious! While somewhat laughable, I didn't let it detract from the action. Overall I thought this episode set up the finale for the next episode and I have very high expectations for Maul in the upcoming Revenge!

(Sorry this email turned out to be so long –– it's okay if you don't read it on the show, but I hope that it will at least offer some possible points for discussion!)



The ForceCast and Dave Filoni

Hello Jason and Jimmy,

I was goofing around on and I found this video of a behind-the-scenes tour of the making of The Clone Wars with Ashley Eckstein.

I was happily observing the behind the scenes goodness when out of the corner of my eye, I caught a glimpse of a familiar logo of two hands holding a microphone when the video reached an interview with Dave Filoni in his office. I'm not sure if you have seen this before, but I thought it was cool to see!

You can just see the top of a ForceCast mug on Dave's desk beginning at 01:08 - 01:15 and it is placed to the bottom left of his computer monitor (just above Dave's left shoulder). It is again viable, from a much closer angle, at 01:20 (still above his shoulder).

Just thought I’d let you guys know. I have been faithfully listening to the show for years and have enjoyed it tremendously.

Keep up the good work,



A Blu-ray change

Greetings Jason and Jimmy!

After months and months and months of waiting, I was finally able to upgrade to a hi-def TV and get a Blu-ray player so I can watch the Star Wars saga in hi-def and see the changes George Lucas has made firsthand. While most of them do not bother me in the slightest, only one stuck out as something that I don't believe anyone has mentioned.

When Anakin is with Padmé on Naboo, and he's sleeping and having the nightmare about his mother, there are added moans and screams from Shmi as he is muttering ", mom." and so on. She clearly calls out his name at least once and you hear her seemingly in pain and despair. I am wondering if the two of you picked up on this or not. What do you think of this addition? (I watched my regular DVD copy and there are no screams).

I just thought I'd bring this to your harm, no foul. I don't dislike it, but I just don't recall anyone ever mentioning this change.

Keep up your fantastic work on the podcast and congratulations on making AM radio in Chicago!

May the Force be with you....see you at Celebration 6!

David Manderville
Satellite Beach, FL


Text from Darth Plagueis and a Mortis scene PROVE how and why Anakin IS the Chosen One

Hey guys!

The Clone Wars Mortis trilogy scene proves, unequivocally, why and how Anakin is the Chosen One.

Darth Plagues, page 28: "To be sure the light had been extinguished, but for how long and at what cost? He recalled a stellar eclipse he had witnessed on a long forgotten world , whose single moon was of perfect size and distance to blot out the light of the system's primary [...] Even totally blocked, the primary [sun] had shone from behind the satellite's disk, and when the moon moved there had been a moment of light almost too intense to bear [...] Gazing into Sojourn's darkening sky, he [Plagueis] he wondered what what calamity the Force was planning in retreat to visit upon him or Sidious of both of them for tipping the balance."

Now, this text from the novel is exactly symbolized in this image from the Clone Wars Mortis trilogy where the Father and Anakin question 'Who He Really Is.' He is the Chosen One, the calamity the Force had birthed to visit upon these two Sith.

Swank will also love the fact that the novel and show are directly working together under Lucas' guidance. (The statues of the letter "A" with the moon blotting out the sun on top...)




News Tip: John Knoll On TPM 3D Conversion

Hi guys!

First of all, thanks for a great show! I really enjoy listening to you guys while I'm at work-it helps keep me sane. I've been enjoying the coverage of Episode I 3D and just wanted to share some info with you. There is a great interview with John Knoll about the conversion process for Episode I and the sorts of guidelines that the great GL set for the show. It can be found here:

I have a particular interest in all your reviews/comments/etc since I had the great pleasure of working on this conversion! I can't really explain how amazingly awesome it was to work on this conversion, knowing that the great GL was reviewing and approving my work. Then to see it on the big screen. But the ultimate was seeing my name in the credits! Ultimate Nerd-vana!!!

Thanks again for your great ForceCasts and keep up the good work.

Matt Cordero


Thanks to all of this week's mailbag contributors! Keep your emails coming to

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