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Jon Favreau Confirms Role In The Clone Wars

Posted by xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx on January 11, 2010 at 01:33 PM CST

Check out what Twitter fanatic Jon Favreau just tweeted:

In studio recording Clone Wars dialogue before heading in to edit.

So it looks like the director of Iron Man will be lending his vocal chops to The Clone Wars. But as what character? Since the release of The Clone Wars season 2 trailer at San Diego Comic Con, we here at the ForceCast have been speculating about the source of the voice of one of the Mandalorians. It does sound like a close match to Mr. Favreau. Thanks to Twitter, it looks like we found our man! Check out the trailer again. You will see a group of 4 Mandos approaching the camera near the end and this is when you hear Jon. Also, pause the clip and you will notice the Mando in front clearly has a lightsaber attached to his belt. Hmmm. Did he take it from a Jedi he defeated in battle? Will we actually see Mandalorians using lightsabers in The Clone Wars?

When Jon was in Chicago this past summer to participate in the Gene Siskel Centers tribute to George Lucas, he made it clear to us at The ForceCast that he is indeed, a big fan of Star Wars. You can hear Jon talk to us here and also check out highlights of his Q&A with George on the June 26, 2009 edition of The ForceCast

Big thanks goes to faithful ForceCast listener, and Jon Favreau fan, Travis Fishburn from Ohio.

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